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about us

BENOAUTO is a technology-oriented company that integrates research and development, sales, and services. It is located in the beautiful “paradise on earth,” Hangzhou. Its subsidiaries are spread across major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Nanchang. BENOAUTO’s business encompasses five major sectors: import-export trade, sensor products and technical services, automotive components and services, e-commerce, and corporate planning. Its operations span across eight fields, including automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, industrial applications, environmental materials, clothing and textiles, outdoor sports, and training consulting. It is truly remarkable!

Advanced Production Equipment

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enables efficient and precise production of high-quality products.

Strong Research And Development

Our dedicated team of R&D professionals drives innovation and continuously enhances our products, keeping us ahead of industry trends and meeting customer demands.

Professional Testing Laboratory

Our dedicated testing laboratory and experienced professionals ensure the quality, reliability, and compliance of our products through rigorous testing.

what we do


1.Fast delivery time

2.Strict quality controll to guarantee stable quality

3.Familar with export requirement and standard



Factory area of 7000 square meters,ware housing 2000 square meters

12 Days

15 containers can be delivered every month, with sufficient capacity and guaranteed delivery within 12 days.

10 Lines

10 Production linens, over 100 professional workers to promise fast but high quality shipment.


According to customer demand, we can develop and design customized styles within 2 days, and can launch more than 100 new products in a season


6 strict quality control procedures to guarantee quality stablity in every order


More than $15,000,000Sales Volume every year

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With rich experience in one-stop supply,we can provide you solid goods with wide range of collocationand infinite service.

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